Churches Of Sheldon

A History Of Sheldon Churches and Ministries

Persecution due to personal choice in worship experiences brought the original settlers to America. Not unlike other human interactions, the discrimination against and persecution of “other” religious worshippers persisted into America. Not long after settling in southern New England some families felt compelled to move. Following the Revolutionary War with the opening of new territories people did move. Some came north into Vermont and brought with them their religion. Diversity abounded with a large number of Congregationalists intermixed with some Methodist-Episcopal, Baptists, Episcopalians, and other minor groups. Sheldon, first settled in 1790 witnessed the birth of religious organizations and churches in the early 1800s. Most sects established houses or worship. Many of those structures dot the landscape of Vermont and of Sheldon.  Explore Individual church histories below.

Grace Episcopal


The Congregational Church

Methodist Episcopal Church – Sheldon United Methodist Church

Union Meeting House at the Rock and the Baptist Church

Rice Hill United Methodist Church

St. Anthony’s Catholic Church

Heber Chase Kimball – Mormon Missionary Apostle

Missisquoi Riverside Camp Meeting