Your Donations of Time Talent and Money

Your donations of your time, your talents and skills, along with you money resulted in the Historical Society being able to function as a lively community organization and to host many community events.  Our team renovated 200 Bridge Street into a museum ready for your visits.  Through patience along with sweat and labor our dreams have become a reality.  We endeavor to bring you even more events and more progress on the museum.  We will continue to require your support.  Consider one of the donation choices below or simply click on  Donate Button to give electronically.

The second floor requires a second entrance in addition to the lift already in place.  It should be returned to an open public space available for events and meetings.  Perhaps someone would like to make it a “Memorial Auditorium” dedicated to someone you have loved and appreciated.  You can feel free to discuss that with any board member.

The former Town Clerk Office similarly requires renovation and could become a memorial gift to someone or some family you hold in high esteem.

We continue to accept gifts of any size in support of our mission and our endeavors.

Here are some past and present ideas for you to consider.


Not surprisingly the project requires a whole lot of paint and supplies.

Your contribution could be just the one we need







Every exposure at all three levels require new windows.  In keeping with our commitment to maintain and preserve the original building we have commissioned a craftsman to build the special four over one windows and frames.  Why not consider giving one in memory of someone you care about and let us commemorate them by engraving their name on a plaque?  Contact any member or send us an email for more details.




How about your own post office box?  Our good fortune allowed us to purchase the boxes and furnishings from the recently closed Sheldon Post Office on Main Street.  Individuals purchased many of the boxes based on their own memory of one number.  How about YOU?  For a gift of $100 you can own one also.  We will attach a plaque with your personalized inscription on it. The supply remains available but low on a first come first serve basis.






An engraved brick at $100 each to be laid at the museum. Each brick can hold up to 3 lines of text and up to 18 characters. Funds to be used to improve the accessible walkway.







Donate through the TD Bank and its community outreach budget.  Share this information with a teller and note your preference for the TD Affinity Fund to be the Sheldon Historical Society AH241.





Become a member.  Your membership fee helps to support the ongoing operations budget. Download your membership application here.