Union Meeting House

East Sheldon Vermont

Home Of The Union Meeting House at the “Rock” and the Baptist Church


The East Sheldon map clearly indicates the location of “Union Church” but does not indicate a location for Baptist Church Shown below. The structure is uniquely different that the Union and was said to be on the road south out of East Sheldon. The building is said to have been erected in 1860. Philo Dunham, who lived nearby, indicated that the building was “torn down around 1908”. The only “Baptist” church we located happens to be in nearby Fairfield.

Considering the population of Sheldon and the surrounding area, this crowd from Sheldon, Enosburg, Franklin and the area clearly demonstrates the influence of the church on community life

The picture below is of the Union House at the “Rock” located in East Sheldon near the Stebbins Farm.  


Union House at the Rock used by the Methodist and the Congregationalists occupied a lot in East Sheldon near the Stebbins farm. It appears that most of our early settlers found church a good place to be.

Some of the “Journals” and “Memories” from people in the past mention going to the “Rock” twice each Sunday and once during the week.