Other Merchants

J.S and F E Dodge appeared on the scene in 1885
when they purchase the mill from
Caroline and George Bancroft on Nov 9, 1885.  

This March 1889 receipt from the store
bears witness to the existence of the store. 

Land records show a clear line of ownership from Olmstead to Bancroft to Dodge.

George Bullis 1890 – 1936

J.S & F.E. Dodge transferred ownership of this parcel to George Bullis in the late 1880s.  The Congress Hall existed since 1869, the Missisquoi Railroad began doing business at its station in 1871 and the first post office was established. The Congress Hall burned in 1908.  The person of J S Shipley appeared on the scene resulting in establishment of the Missisquoi Pulp and Paper Company in 1912. 

“George and Effie May Dorson Bullis arrived in Sheldon Springs about 1900 from Franklin, Vermont.  They had two children: Margery and Maxwell.  George rented a sawmill, a grist mill and a blacksmith shop, he also rented a house and barn with several acres of land …. The businesses were all near the Pulp Mill but the house was near the main road across from the new Sewer Plant.  …In 1913 George Bullis purchased land near the Sheldon Mineral Spring and including the spring for the price of unpaid taxes. A land dispute leaves the property ownership in question to this day.” Ashton (1929) P 198.

Between 1904 and 1936 the Bullis family appeared in many social articles
covering their trips and visitors as well as newsworthy information. 

Newspaper Clipping On George Bullis

Burlington Free Press May 17, 1900
Franklin Social “George Bullis and family of Sheldon Springs
spend Saturday and Sunday at Harley Dorson’s.

Saint Albans Daily Messenger April 4, 1904
George Bullis was injured Saturday while handling logs in his saw mill yard.
He was knocked down and a log rolled over him.  He was carried to his house
which was nearby, and Dr. E. M. Brown of Sheldon was called.
Doctor Brown found that muscles of the back were very badly strained a
nd it will be some time before he will be able to walk”

Saint Albans Daily Messenger April 11, 1904
“The condition of George Bullis who was hurt so badly
while working in his mill yard recently is improving.”

Saint Albans Daily Messenger April 11, 1910
George Bullis was called to Browns corner, Franklin,
Sunday by the sudden death of his father William Bullis
who was found dead in his room.  Mr. Bulis was 83 years old.”

Saint Albans Daily Messenger May 2, 1913
Mineral Springs Property Purchased by George Bullis for $265.
The Simmons estate, known as the mineral springs,
was sold April 26 to George Bullis for $265.”

Saint Albans Daily Messenger Oct 2, 1913
George Bullis has leased N Lake and will take possession at once.”
Note:  N Lake was identified in a deed from 1914 as Nelson Lake a blacksmith..

Saint Albans Daily Messenger February 28, 1931
“George Bullis owner of the famous Sheldon mineral springs,
shipped a five-gallon bottle of mineral water to Henry Ford on Wednesday.

Burlington Free Press March 6, 1936 “The funeral of George Bullis,
father of Mrs. Walter Lemnah, was held at his late home
in Sheldon Springs Sunday afternoon”

Historical Store Receipts


September 24, 1900
A note written by George Bullis to one
“Mr. Austin” regarding a check due to F.E. Dodge.
Additional research aside revealed that Mr Austin,
i.e. Warren Austin later became the first U.S. Ambassador to the UN.





“US Senator and Diplomat. He graduated from the University of Vermont in 1899 and became an attorney. He served as Franklin County State’s Attorney from 1904 to 1906 and held local offices, including Grand Juror (city prosecutor) and Chairman of the St. Albans Republican Committee. From 1907 to 1915 he was a Commissioner for the Second US Circuit Court of Appeals. In 1909 he was elected Mayor of St. Albans. He was a UVM Trustee from 1914 to 1941. He later relocated to Burlington, and from 1925 to 1937 he was Counsel for Vermont during the process of establishing the official boundary with New Hampshire. In 1931 he was elected to the Senate, filling the vacancy caused by Frank Greene’s death. He served from April, 1931 to August, 1946, and was a New Deal opponent on domestic policy and an internationalist on foreign affairs. In 1946 he was appointed UN Ambassador. Austin was the first official US Ambassador to the UN, because his two predecessors served as representatives to the UN Conference on International Organization, which created the full UN. He served until January, 1953, afterwards living in retirement in Burlington. “Find a Grave”




A 1900 receipt that shows
the initial Bullis store
to have been in Franklin






The Macia Store 1899 to 1900 – Formerly The Henry Mower Store

Various records recall the name as Macia, Machia, and Marcia.
An article in the St Albans Daily Messenger dated March 23, 1892 notes
 “W. W. Macia was appointed post master of Sheldon Springs.” 

A second article in the St Albans Daily Messenger dated 3/31/1898 states
 “Willian Machia has rented the grocery store at Sheldon Springs
of Henry E Mower and has taken possession”

St Albans Daily Messenger Nov 10 1898

William’s fortune soon dissolved following three attempted burglaries in less than one year.
Both the Burlington Free Press and the St Albans Daily Messenger carried accounts of the story.

William attempted to rebuild the store before selling it
to the firm of Shepley and Cowles in April 1900.

Mrs. Machia was the married daughter of Henry Mower.
William worked with Henry for a time after his two sons
showed no interest in the store.
After Henry died his wife transferred ownership of the store
to her daughter and son-in-law.  



Ownership by “Shepley” indicates the initial possession of the store as The Company Store of the Missisquoi Pulp and Paper Company in whose hands the property remained until it was torn down.