Spaulding House Former Sheldon Estate

Historic Line of Ownership by deeds in the Sheldon Town Hall

Currently occupied by Hubert and Kimberlee Spaulding, in trust to children
12/31/1979 to date Hubert and Kimberlee Spaulding
7/1//1944 Robert and Lonetta Spaulding
Robert Made The Following Purchases of property
From F C Brown on 7/15/1944 most of farm
From Grace Mower on 3/31/1949 a parcel of farm property
From the Town of Sheldon 9/5/1970 town moved road ROW
From Mildred Irving and Elvin Sweet 1/2 acre on 9/15/1972
From the Town of Sheldon a spring and ROW 8/15/1977
6/6/1912 to 7/15/1944 EM and FC Brown Most of farm
1842 William Green and J W Sheldon
Weeks Graves also own some of the land at this time
1790 Sheldon Family
We do know that the Sheldon Estate remained in the Sheldon family until around 1866 when parts of it were sold off.

1982 Vermont Division For Historic Preservation Sheldon Survey

Owner: Robert Spaulding Built c1795 Includes map items 1 2 & 3
This is the original house of Colonel Elisha Sheldon, patriarch of the family which first settled Sheldon and after which the town is named. A revolutionary Colonel who fought with Washington, he can to the town in 1790 with his sons. The town’s first child, that of a black servant, was born in this house. It is a four-square, 5×5 bay, hipped roof late Georgian/early Federal house: 2 stories, with an entry at center of each side: behind porticos on North and South and modern enclosed porches on East and West. Modillioned and rope-molded cornice. 2.2 sash. Porticos: modillioned pediments and cornice, triglyphs and guttae on frieze boards. supported by round columns. Interior brick chimney with metal cresting.

The first house in Sheldon built by and for the Sheldon family continues in existence since 1790 The Sheldon property encompassed all of Sheldon and in this case all of the west side of the Black Creek.  Multiple land transaction between the Sheldon family and other prominent families in the early 1800s resulted in the Estate being broken into parts.  Volumes 1 , 2, and 3 are only available by index with no actual deeds and we have difficulty tracking ownership of many of the lots.  Since around 1912 through 1944 the Brown family owned a large portion of the estate.  In 1944 the Spaulding family began to purchase land up through 1977.  Since then this home has belonged to Robert and Lonnetta Spaulding, followed by Hubert and Kimberlee Spaulding who still reside here after passing the property off to the heirs in 2019.