Callan Property

Historic Line of Ownership by deeds in the Sheldon Town Hall

1/24/1875 Nelson Bush (husband of Charlotte and father of Guy) purchased from Wolfred Peckham.
Before 1875 Peckham owned a parcel of land north of this parcel which he got from the Sheldon Estate
9/29/1869 John Snell buys from Peckham
11/24/1875 Nelson Bush also buys from Peckham
9/10/1883 Charlotte Bush receives property as heir of Nelson
1/23/1953 Homer and Margaret Fairbanks buy
6/30/1958 John and Nettis Potterton purchase
1/2/1959 Russell Simonds buys
2/28/1959 Paul and Lorraine Bergeron purchase
4/21/1970 Robert Q and Marian L Callan buy


1982 Vermont Division For Historic Preservation Sheldon Survey

Owner: Robert Callan built late 1855
A 3×3 bay, 1 1/2 story gable front, clapboard, Greek Revival house: side-hall plan, box cornice and returns, Frieze and corner boards. 2/2 sash. Simple door and window surrounds. Modern door and gabled portico. 8 paned knee wall windows. Lear-to rear. Shed-roofed altered porch on rear north. Very simple and somewhat altered.

In addition the property has 2 barns and one horse barn.


This parcel of property has a long history but has been with the Callan’s only since 1970 when Lorraine Bergeron, widow of Paul,sold them the farm and kept the adjacent house. The 1959 transfer involved 214 acres known as the Guy Bush farm. One bounding property at that time was on the north by Spaulding.