Burnor Property

Historic Line of Ownership by deeds in the Sheldon Town Hall

Sam B Sheldon owned the land prior to 1875
4/13/1875 DD Wead bought land
4/19/1875 E T Holmes bought from DD Wead and likely built the house
6/8/1910 Ardelle Fullington purchased
In 1925 Burton O and Mable M Tillotson bought from Fullington
W.L. and Myrna Tillotson received the property from Burton as heir
8/4/1930 Arthurc C and Lillian Hemenway bought out Tillotson
10/15/1963 Donald A Hemenway became heir to the property from Lillian
8/2/1965 Carlyle and Ernestine Burnor purchased two lots
6/17/1993 Todd and Tracy Derry bought one of the lots

1982 Vermont Division For Historic Preservation Sheldon Survey

Owner Burnor Built c 1870 #35
Completely modernized gable-fronted 3×3 bay Greek Revival house: 1 1/2 stories, with knee wall windows along sides. Some 2/2 sash, mostly 1/1 replacement sash. New aluminum siding, doors, entry porch with “wrought” iron posts. Rear shed-roof porch lean-to.

Also built around 1915 (#34) a Rectangular, hip roofed (multi-shaped slates), brick carriage house: wood-shingled upper floor. Loft door on front, center wood shingled main door under a brick relieving-arch opening flanked by relieving arched windows with diamond-patterned leaded glass (also on sides)