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Welcome to the Sheldon Historical Society.

Your Sheldon Historical Society continues to make progress on the 200 Bridge Street historical site. Plans for the 2018 summer work season include more new siding, site clearing to recover historical markings to the rear and right of the building. A work crew plan will be presented soon. Interior work continues with the metal ceiling removed, side wall covering removed, old wiring removed, and plumbing removed. In alignment with historic preservation coupled with rehabilitation of the site, we strive to maintain as much of the original building and site as possible. Visit our Museum Page for details on the phases of development and accomplishments.


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  Join in our historical conversations. We initiated recording conversations with Sheldon citizens who present most accurate and personal histories of our town and share with us about the adventures of growing up in Sheldon.
You can find audio interviews and images of donated items on our People Of Sheldon Page.
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  Send any email to: sheldonhistorical@gmail.com
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Date: July and August 2018 Event

Do you remember when the inside of the building looked like this? Thanks to you it has improved a lot.

The paint crews are getting ready to do siding. We'll keep you posted so you can join in on the fun.

The painting crew is done and the carpentry crew is ready to schedule a Labor Day weekend party to install the siding.