The Stephenson House

Historic Line of Ownership by deeds in the Sheldon Town Hall

DE Wright Hotel built around 1855
Purchased by Vandenburg in 1868
Purchased by John W Sewell in 1872
It is highly probably that the original hotel burned in 1880s
AF Leach built current home around 1897
Weeks Graves owned from 1897 to 1901
T B & Sarah Jennison owned from 1901 to 1924
M T Jennison & Nellie Varnum owned from 1924 to 1929
Mark and Lena Stephenson owned from 1929 until 2016
Terry Bergeron since 2016




1982 Vermont Division For Historic Preservation Sheldon Survey

Owner: Lena Stephenson Built c 1895
Asymmetrically-massed Queen Anne house: 2 1/2 story clapboarded, gable and hip roofs, 2/2 sash except for leaded-glass (upper) picture windows under porch. Projecting 2-story bay on South has clipped corners with sawtooth-design cornice decoration, and arched attic window. Hexagonal bay window on gable-front west. Porch: hip-roofed, square posts, Sone foundation. Porch on south, rear: turned-posts, scroll brackets, turned balusters
The horse barn noted in 1982 has been torn down.