Post Office Main Street

Originally School 5 built by Samuel Sheldon

Historic Line of Ownership by deeds in the Sheldon Town Hall

1855 built by SB Sheldon as a school
1913 to 1920 owned by Weeks Graves
1920 to 1946 owned by L Rice
1946 to 1954 owned by Nettie Keith
1954 to 1958 owned by H P Hood Co
1958 to 1977 owned by Clarence and Helen Mercure
1977 to 2002 owned by Richard and Marie Brouilette
2002 to Present owners Travis and Tammy Merchant



1982 Vermont Division For Historic Preservation Sheldon Survey

Owner: Richard Brouilette Built c 1855
Reported to have originally been schoolhouse #5, and converted to house and town Post Office. 1 1/2 story, 3×3 bay, gabled fronted. Clapboarded. Box-cornice and wide frieze board. Mostly 1/1 replacement sash. enclosed lean-to porch on rear. 20th century shed-roofed porch on front: square posts, weatherboard and lattice foundation cover. Post Office interior has early 20th century oak trim, iron P O Boxes, service window.


Student Writing

The Sheldon Post Office and apartment are still standing today almost exactly as it has been since 1855. It is located right here on the East side of Main Street. in Sheldon Creek. This post office started out as the second school to ever be built in Sheldon. Currently there is only one school in Sheldon. The school was called Number 5 school. We know that at one time there were 15 schools in Sheldon. The reason for so many schools back then because of the large population and the lack of transportation
The Post Office was owned by various owners and has changed in many ways. The building was rented by William Pryme for the low price of $10 in 1944 William added on a porch without permission, but he was lucky enough for it to work out in the end. With the extra addition the building was divided off into a double sized apartment by Clarence and Helen Mercure. The other half of the old Number 5 school building .has been used as Sheldon’s Post Office and is still functioning to this day.

Note on School 5

Since this was the first school erected in Sheldon some questions arise as to why it was not School 1.  In the earliest days of Sheldon the town divided the land into 15 districts to provide opportunities for schools.  As soon as any district reached a certain population, the town agreed to provide schooling for the children.  Each district school received the official name of its district number.  A close look at the early Beers map confirms that the east side of Main Street where the school was located sits in District 5 and this the name.

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