Masson Property

Historic Line of Ownership by deeds in the Sheldon Town Hall

The Sheldon family owned all the land prior to 1853
May 1853 George N and Sarah Atherton bought – built the house
9/24/1866 Sold to Stephen Marvin
3/4/1868 Sold to Alanson and Fanny Bliss
7/31/1872 Sold to John Glead
11/23/1891 Sold to Levi and Mary Gilbert
9/21/1894 Sold to Weston Marsh
9/5/1896 Sold to Lester and Martha Royce
2/20/1920 Sold to Fred and Elizabeth Marvin
6/28/1934 Sold to Andre and Cynthia Masson
8/12/1992 Deeded to Andrew Masson Jr
7/14/1994 Sold to Lynn and Marie Lumbra – they live there now

1982 Vermont Division For Historic Preservation Sheldon Survey

Owner: Masson Built c 1850
1 1/2 story, 3×3 bay, gable-front, side-hall plan brick Greek Revival house. Box cornice, narrow frieze board, 2/2 sash topped rectangular lintels with cast iron caps with mitred corners and decorated with carved 4-point leave designs at center and each end. Entry: wide Greek Revival symmetrical-molding frame surrounds 3/4 sidelights with echinus-molded spandrels and 6 panel door. 1 1/2 story rear wind(vinyl sided) has enclosed shed-roofed porch on North
One additional building is a c 1880 horse barn