Lynda’s First Birthday

Lynda Brushett, the firstborn daughter of Rev. Donald Brushett and his wife Ethel. Lynda was born May 15, 1948, so the film posted on YouTube probably dates to sometime in May 1949. 
In 1946 Donald came to preach in Sheldon fresh from McGill divinity school. The family left in May 1950 when he was reassigned to Shelburne, VT.
It is evident that the Brushetts made strong connections in the community, there are many later visits and communications to Sheldon reported in newspapers throughout the 1950s and early 1960s. Tom & Leona Phillips were apparently very good friends with the Brushetts, as Tom served as best man at their wedding, and there are many later reports of visits between the two families.
While the Rev & Mrs. Brushett have passed, it appears Lynda – now Dr. Lynda Brushett – lives today in Barrington, NH where she has retired from work in agricultural science. The YouTube video appears to have been uploaded by her brother-in-law Robert McGrail.