1937 Parade

Sheldon 1937 Fourth of July Parade

After a long hiatus from celebrations likely due to economic hardships and war, the People of Sheldon decided to celebrate with a parade on July 4, 1837  The photos below show some of the parade filmed from a drive way on Bridge Street.

Old photo from 1937 with several boys on bikes and one with a drum

Parade of July 4 1937

On bikes are 1. Mark Crampton, 2. Bob Gray who died in a German prison camp, 3. Aubrey Brier, 4. Carroll Crampton, and 5. Phil Curtis. All of the bike riders became WWII veterans. The two men marching with drum were Willis Brown and Arthur Hemenway


A second photo of boys on bikes





Four horses coming up Bridge Street

Horses at 1937 July 4 Parade

As you would expect horses appeared in the parade.

These horseback riders are the Chamberlain girls from East Sheldon.




Old car draped with flags with several girls on the top

Doctor S Car



These lovely young ladies are riding on top of Doctor S’s car.



One of the floats was the wedding wagon belonging to Wallace Kittell

Four wheel farm wagon drawn by two horses with a wedding party

The Wedding Wagon