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Salute To Our Volunteers

"Volunteers are unpaid, not because they are worthless but because they are priceless. Join the list in 2020"

Since the beginning of this enterprise in 2016 through meetings, work days, fund raising, grant writing, hard manual labor and creative thinking, volunteers contributed over 800 hours to the successful completion of our overall renovation and restoration.  Without YOU nothing would succeed.  Countless individuals, some of whom are listed below, continue to support the Society’s efforts to make this “Old Country Store” our “Museum” & “Home”. 


Doris Archambault
Pam Conger
Fern Mercure
Ruth Babbie
Michael Consejo
Jim Mercure
Betsy Bennett
Bryan Derry
Pat Murphy
Roger Bennett
Lori Derry
Bob O'Connor
Leon Benoit
Todd Derry
Pierre Parent
Linda Benoit
Kim Dufresne
David Peloubet
Diane Kittell
Irene Dunlavey
Deborah Peloubet
Martha Bergeron
Brent Garrow
Judy Royea
Carolyn Bronz
Sandra Jones
Albert Severy
Susan Burnor
Norma Kimball
Sally Severy
Terry Bergeron
Chad King
Bilijean Smith
Bonnie Boomhower
Guy Lussier
Harold Smith
Marie Brouilette
Mark Lussier
Ronnie Smith
Tom Callan
Tim Luneau
George Marcotte
Andrew Crane
George Marcotte
Kathy Raiche
DiAnne Crane
Don McFeeters
Ethan Peloubet
Issac Peloubet
David Peloubet
Randy Smith
Teresa Lewis
Carrie Kittell
Portia St. Pierre