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The Vermont House

Newspaper advertising of the time stated that the Vermont House, in Sheldon, VT owned by Fish & Eldred would open on Monday June 7, 1869.

Appearing on Friday August 27, 1869 in the St. Albans Messenger the following gives applaus to the hotel

"VERMONT HOUSE" - "The Vermont House stands on elevated ground at the east end of the Sheldon village and commands a most beautiful view of village, river, hotels, and distant mountains. ...."The work of its construction was commenced last September (1868) and the house was opened June 7.
The main part is 36X76, and the wing which fronts down the river and which also contains lodging rooms, is 28X40. The house accomodates ninety-five , has been full and is now nearly so." ..."the house is keptby Messrs. Fish & Eldred who do themselves credit..."

An article appearing on Dec 10, 1868 in the Buffalo, NY Commercial states in part:

"VERMONT SPRING" "This spring, which has become so celebrated as a remedy for diseasers commonly deemed incurable, is on the Missisquoi River in Sheldon, VT"......"It was discovered a little over a year since, and immediately won distinction by curing invalids who had tried other springs in vain;"......."the bottles are maked in full Vermont Springs, Saxe & Co, Sheldon, VT."

The St. Albans Weekly Messenger of Friday Match 11, 1870 reads as follows:

Festival at Sheldon - There is to be an oyster supper and festival at the Vermont House, Sheldon , Friday evening next, under the auspices of the Ladies' Aid Society of the M.E. Church, for the purpose of raising funds to cushion and re-furbish the church. Messrs. Gilmore & Brainerd's sleigh - "Gen. Sheridan" has been engaged to to convey the choir and others of the Methodist Society of this place to the festival. All are cordially invited.

The Vermont House also provided for entertainment as indicated in this St. Albans Messenger article of August 27, 1869

"Attraction at Sheldon - A very pleasant entertainment has been arranged by the visitors at the Sheldon Springs, for tomorrow (Friday) evening commencing at 8 o'clock, at Spooner's Hall , near the Vermont House. It will consist of Music, Tableux, Charades, Recitations, &c..and tickets for admission are only fifty cents. The avails are to be divided between the three clergymen of the village. Refreshments are also to be had at the close of the exhibition.
A similar entertainment, and a very successful one, took place last season (1868), and we hear the present effort has especial attractions. With pleasant weather, representative of other communities will find it pleasant to attend, and return by the light of a full moon."

Note: We have looked for and found reference to "Spooner's Hall" in many articles but have never found a photo

The two views to the right are of the Vermont Springs Bottling House which was located on the souther bank of the Missisquoi River a short distance north of the village of Sheldon Jct.

These two views are both shot from down river or west of the building and show an identical building as well as a unique "birch" tree that will become imporant in another photo.

These two photos must have been taken prior to the building of the bath house that also stood at the edge of the river and was built in 1869.

The image to the left came to me labelled "Congress Hall Bath House" but that hotel had two bath houses and they were not on the river bank. A more indept examination leads to the conclusion that this is the Vermont House" bath house. Note that the bottling plant as show above is to the right of the bath house and appears very similar to the photos above. Also note the surrounding woods. Most predominately the birtch tree in the right of the photo looks very much like the one above.
End of the Vermont House
End of Spooner's Hall

From the St. Albans Messenger Friday Oct 6, 1871
Fire in Sheldon
The Vermont House in Ashes

"At an early hour Tuesday evening, fire was discovered in the upper story of the Vermont House, owned and occupied by John Fish, Esq. Every effort was made to check the progress of the flames but without avail, and the building was a totally destroyed together with the barn and carriage house adjoining"

From the St. Albans Daily Messenger Wednesday April 12, 1876
Fire in Sheldon

"About half past nine o'clock this morning fire broke out in the wooden building in Sheldon, known as "Spooner's Hall," and occupied in part by the owner, Nelson Spooner, as a dwelling and billard saloon, the hall in the upper story being used for conventions , and other public purposes, and the building was totally consumed."