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The Sheldon Almost Burglary


October 13, 1905 happened to be a Friday, thus is this a factural story of just a Friday the 13th prank?

The Vermont Sunday News reports it as true on November 2, 1958 in an article titled "One Night A Stranger Came Top Town"

The lead in for the St. Albans Messenger of 1954 reads "It was midnight on October 13, 1905. The night was clear in this town with a full moon playing in the shadows. The 'Jennison and Gallup' general store was in darkness, buty not everyone slept."

"Sheldon, Vermont" by Dorothy Hemenway Ashton recounts the story on P319 to 321with photos and follows the text of the Vermont Sunday News. From her account we have two reasonably good photos.

What if any "facts" conincide in these accounts that will lend any credibility to what would otherwise prove to be a hoax? October 13, 1905 was a Friday the 13th. There was a Jennison and Galliup Store in Sheldon on Bridge Street approximately where the current Sheldon Creek Market stands. It became the Sheridan and Kittel marks after the burglary attempt. "Flour and Feed" a publication devoted to the interest of the flour and feed trade notes its presence in Sheldon in its 1904 and 1905 editions.


Eugene Trudeau, the store clerk, lived in the appartment over the store. He heard a disturbance in the store below. He peaked through a heating vent and upon seeing a stranger hunched over the safe in the store below got his shotgun and killed the intruded with one shot. Here the account takes on different names and numbers but what is apparent is the photo above is that of the thief and the second is a photo of his burglary tools. It is also accounted that since he was never identified that the town buried him in the Sheldon Cemetery. Perhaps you can locate his grave.