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Drama and Arts Early Sheldon

In addition to dances at home and at the various hotels in Sheldon there was also drama entertainment. This poster for "All Is Not Good That Glitters" advertises a drama production performed at "Potter's Hall" in 1876. The only location noted in Shedon that shows "Potter" on on this 1871 map noted by the red mark. This was a residence but likely also housed the performance hall.
From "An Historical Who's Who of Vermont Theater

b. 19 Apr. 1866, Sheldon, VT

Between 1887 and 1922, Marsh managed a general store in Sheldon, to which Marsh Hall, the local theatre, was probably attached. In 1922 he sold the store to pursue interests in real estate and state government.

Mr Marsh was a well known Sheldon resident and businessman, A photo of his store appears below on the left of Post Office Square.

An Additional Citation in Who's Who

b. c. 1861
d. Sept. 1899, Sheldon, VT
CNY: 16 Sept. 1899: A586, 5
This actress fell from a carriage, struck her head, broke her neck, and died.
Her presence in Vermont is unexplained.

An Additional Citation in Who's Who

Spouse: ยทยท Taylor
b. 1843 , United States
d. 22 Feb. 1923, Sheldon, VT

Born in the South, Vernon married a Taylor of Sheldon and died there.
She had made her debut in Boston in 1856 and was in the original cast
of The Two Orphans.