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A History of the Town of Sheldon Vermont

Fact, fiction, and folklore often meld into what becomes known as the history of any people. First hand authoritative sources elude the best of historians. Sheldon's History resembles that of any other colonial era portion of our great country. Recoding keeping at its best represents only a small portion of the "story" of Sheldon. At the Sheldon Historical Society we strive to maintain an accurate and robust History of Sheldon soon to be displayed at our Sheldon Historical Museum. On this website we attempt to present this complex intewoven history of the people, places, and events that shaped our history. Intermixed with our presentation, references to other context and documented sources help you the reader to pursue your own quest of history.

Among those topics of pursuit are: (please note as pages are posted they will appear bold and hyperlinked)

The History of Sheldon in perspective as to time and events in Sheldon as well as Vermont and the USA can be found on our History Time Line.

Within this linked table we lead you to further information about the People, Events, and Locations that helped to shape Sheldon's History and Culture. All links lead to more details specific to the topic.
  The Founders  
  Early Settlers Harlow H Mower
  Town Clerks  
  The Poor A History of the Sheldon Poor Farm
  The Postal History A History of Post Offices and Postmasters
  The Development of Agriculture  
  The "Boom Years" of mineral Springs  
  Development of the railroad  
  The Civil War Raid  
  Unique or unusual events  
  The Bridges A History of bridges in Sheldon
  The "Creek" Sheldon Village  
    The Town Government
    Theatre in Early Sheldon
    Historic Main Stree
  The Bridge Steet Era Historic Bridge Street
  The "Springs" Sheldon Springs Village  
    Early development
    The Mill
    Historic Main Street
  The "Junction" Sheldon Junction  
  East Sheldon "First Settlement"  
  North Sheldon  
  Shawville (Rice Hill Area)  
  The Library A History of the Sheldon Library
  The Churches A History of Religion in Sheldon
  Summer Camp Camp Missisquoi 1882
  Businesses & Banks The Missisquoi Bank
  The Schools From many to one
  The Cemetaries From the fist burial to the present cemetaries