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The Two Lane Covered Bridge at Sheldon Creek

The oldest bridge in town was at Sheldon Creek.  This was a 156 feet long, a covered double-tracked bridge and was built about 1835.The bridge burned on April 5, 1932. The fire also consumed two stores, the post office, a creamery, blacksmith shop, ice houses and horse sheds.


The two lane covered bridge, unique in its time dominated Bridge Street. Built by the town around 1835, the bridge planner desired a magnificent structure that would allow a full load of hay to pass under it and wide enough so that livestock would have no problems going through it. The other two lane covered bridge surviving until now is at the Shelburne Museum and until recently served as its entryway.

This early photograph shows the falls and the bridge.

This wintertime photo taken from downstream on the Black Creek shows the bridge.


During the Civil War Raid on the banks of St. Albans, the fleeing Confederate Soldiers attempted to burn the bridge to keep the pursuing soldiers from reaching them. Local citizens, including a minister, extinguished the fire. The bridge gained considerable fame as the site of the only Civil War action in Sheldon.


Following the fire of 1932 the state built this concrete deck bridge over the Black Creek where it continues to stand to this day. Note the ornate lighting that no longer graces the structure.