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Sheldon Poor Farm Cemetery
Also known as the Sheldon Home Association this was one of the many Vermont Poor Farms established to care for the less fortunate. This cemetery is located on the end of the Poor Farm Road. After going past the school continue to the end of the road where it joins three other roads. The one directly ahead is private and goes to a camp and the one to the right goes to the cemetery. Look closely to your right as you go up the road since it is back in the trees. It is opposite a mobil home less than 1/4 up this road.
The original Sheldon Poor Farm was located in the Webster Neighborhood and those who died were buried there prior to the establishment of the Poor Farm with the combined efforts of several Franklin County towns. See our Poor Farm page for details.
Most of the headstones in the cemetery are ledgible. According to Find a Grave there are 235 memorials here. The cemetery is in poor condition with need of cleaning up, clearning some brush, and mowing. The only graves that appear to be atteded are those of former military service persons.
Many of the stones are cracked, not readable, or laying on the ground. The "Poor" buried here had few if any relatives to visit their sites. There is a list of names with few duplications. We found at least one child age 10 buried here.