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On Wednesday July 18 we engaged in a converation with Edith Fiske who currently resides in Enosburg Falls. Edith's father pursued the occupation of blacksmith with a shop in Sheldon Creek. After his untimely death the family lived in Sheldon as well as East Sheldon. Edith's recollections are amazingly accurate and revealing of the Sheldon culture in the early 20th century. Some of her photos shared

The Video and Audio
Parts of the Interview
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Excerpts from a conversation with Edith Fiske – July 18, 2018

Edith was born in 1925 in Sheldon.  Her father was Anthony Burns who was a blacksmith and owned his own business in the Creek.  Her mother was Eva Machia Burns. There were 10 children. Her mother and father went to the Sheldon Fair and to dances in the area.  Her older brother’s and sister’s walked to the fair on the railroad tracks and into Sheldon Jct. over the trestle.  They used to swim in that creek. 
After the bridge in the Creek burned we used to walk to Kittel’s store and had to cross a temporary bridge that was just two feet wide and canvas hung on ropes.  I used to get pennies from my dad to go to the Harlow Mowry store and bought penny candy.  I remember Mr. Mower as a wonderful man.  Dad bought the groceries from  Kittel’s store.  We had a radio in the shop below the shop that we could listen to. I attended the school in the creek right near my house.  I attended there to 10th grade.  I graduated from Brigham Academy in Bakersfield.  I got married and had children.  My husband was a farmer and we lived in Fairfield and he worked for Francis Howrigan.  We had six children.  I remember hop scotch as a child and shooting marbles. We used a dump rake to gather hay on the Lussier farm. We lived in East Sheldon after my father died and when I was in the 8th grade.  I remember walking from East Sheldon to Sheldon for school most of the time alone.

(The full conversation can be borrowed from the Sheldon Historical Society)
On Friday July 20 our conversation with Jane Fairbanks Jacques focused on her growing up years in Sheldon and he recollections about "Dairyland"
The Video and Audio
Parts of the Interview
Are archived by the Society
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