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Sheldon Creek Hotels and Lodging Beers Map of 1871
This 1871 map of Sheldon Creek clearly shows five hotels and one spring. The hotels previously reported on are The Vermont, The Central, and the Bellevue. The Portland House feature follows. The one remaining is the Travelers Home owned by J C Kittell

"The Travelers Home at Sheldon Creek was located just west of the present Episcopal parsonage. For many years J.C. Kittell and his daughter, Helen, managed this guest house. Later another daughter and son-in-law, Charlotte and William Buck, took over the management until the structure was destroyed by fire in 1883."
Ashton P 116 1979

The Kittell name along with the Buck name are well knows in the area but nothing seems to have even been written about this site. A search of Vermont newspapers from 1850 to 1883 produced no results. Although noted by Beers in 1871 as a place of accomodation it apparently went unnoticed by other documenters.