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Open House - October 18, 2019

Looking like new, this General Store door opens into the east side of the first floor where you are greeted by a replica of the old General Store that first occupied these premises. Thanks to the outstanding efforts of many volunteers led by Sally Severy the replication appears extremely authentic.

This door was restored by Fern Mercure and friends.


At the west side of the front, where the Post Office used to be, is this restored door with a mail slot, authentic hardware and a new sign.

The restoration of that portion of the first floor continues through the efforts of our design team lead by Fern Mercure.


Although the original windows showed signs of extreme wear and held little or no actual glass, there was enough remaining for Bryan Derry to recreate these unique Four over One windows and return the view from the store to what it was in 1932.

Two front windows await replacement with safety glass to meet current codes. That investment costs around $1600 per window professionally installed. Just in case you want a donation project to focus on.

Volunteering brings out the best in all of us. Since the 2016 purchase of this property, the list of volunteers to the left have given over 600 hours of labor time to help us reach this level or completion. We truly appreciate the support of this outstanding group of community people.

DiAnne Crane offered her artistic talents to create this "real to life" image of how the hall leading into our additional will look when completed. Come visit. If you are not careful you may walk into the wall.

Thanks for this DiAnne!


Our museum project began in 2016 and continues through this year and into the future. Thanks to Fern Mercure who set out this visual time line so all attendees could appreciate the longevity of our efforts.

Thanks Fern!

Based on pictures, maps, and descriptions created by Harold Smith, Fern Mercure created this depiction of the many bridges over time in Sheldon. Lots of visitors took interest in it. We will continue to present history in various forms through this building.


Thanks Fern! and Harold


Over 100 people visited with us over the weekend to enjoy the place and the refreshments. Lots of memories were recalled and many people met others that they had not seen in a while.

Note the colorful posts created by Bryan Derry and the restored floor completed by Chad King.

In the store area the shelving restoration took place through the efforts of Sally Severy and Sandra Jones. Many of the artifacts are on loan from Sally.
The counter originated in Arthur Lafley's store in Sheldon Springs. It was purchased at auction around 1972 for $10 by Mark Lussier. He used it in the office of his barn until last month when he and his brother Guy donated it to the museum. Sally Severy and her sister Sandra Jones refurbished it. We are very pleased to have this piece of history in our museum.
The "Bowl Mold" artifact on the counter came from Evelyn Doe Cross who once lived in Sheldon. It was found in the Black Creek near the old foundry. Grant "John" Gorton recalls his grand father using a lathe to create these bowls and vouches for the authenticity of this one.

Over head lighting from "School House Lights" illuminate this beautiful space. Try and recall what it looked like before the society took it over and began the long process of restoration.

Your on going support is greatly appreciated!