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The Exterior of the building warranted additional exploration. An engineer's assessment revealed some structural issues requiring attention as well as some suggestions on how to approach the rehabilitation project.

After several attempts to clear out the shed on the rear of the building, the board decided to remove it entirely.


The original front, as seen in other photos, consisted of a covering of vertical boards on the bottom half and older clapboards above a tin covered overhang.

Removal of the vertical boards revealed a "Country Store Motif" with trim boards, inserted panels, and decorative molding all painted the same grey.


The condition, especially of the panels, required removal of the decorate trim and the panels.

The front exterior of the building began to take on a new look.

With the panels all removed new possibilities for reviving the front of the building emerged.

The Building Advisory Committee decided to replace all panels with new plywood panels that received primer and paint before being assembled.

Decisions about color combinations resulted in a three color motif with both dark and light tan and a red molding. Not all of the original molding could be salvaged and a new decorate molding spruced up the building.

While color consulting and sample painting took place, the top portion of the front underwent clapboard removal in anticipation of a new "Front View"

Vermont Green Up day in May evolved as our first "2017 Work Day" of the year with many volunteers showing up to clean up the interior and clear some of the exterior. Work completed on the first floor, the basement, and the grounds left a good impression and pleased the many participants.