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Building Drawings by Cross Consulting Engineers, St Albans

Labelled North Elevation

This is the north side of the building facing Bridge Street. With the exception of the stairway on the left this portion is complete.

Labelled East Elevation

This is the east side of the building facing Depot Street. It has not been completed. The stair are now gone and will be one run up not two levels with a landing. Th addition is to the left and has only had the foundation poured at this time.

Labelled Isometric View North-East

This is a combination view of the north and the east sides as conceived when completed.

Labelled Isometric View South-East

This is a combination view of the south and the east sides as conceived when completed.

Labelled South Evevation

This view is a concept of the side opposite Bridge Street and includes one widow from the old Town Office on the left, a door into the new basement on the middle right and the new addition to the far right.

Labelled West Elevation

This is the view from the yard along the Black Creek and includes the addition to the right along with the old Town Office along the left.

Labelled Isometric View South West

This view is as if you were to the rear and right of the building as viewed from Bridge Street but at an elevation showing both the west and the south.

Labelled First Floor Plan

The large room in the drawing has been completed. Bridge Street is to the right. The other items on the Depot Street portion are not yet done. This floor would contain a lift and a bathroom.

Labelled Second Floor Plan

This drawing is entirely conceptual.