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The two maps below show Sheldon's development from 1857 through 1871. Some of the homes from the first available map of 1857 continue to exist today at the same location however ownership on all have changed over time. The 1871 map is the official "Beers" version. Much of our reporting will be based on a 1982 REPORT and MAP. (Click Here to begin tour)

Between 1790 and 1857, a mere 67 years a tremendous amount of development occured here. Both side of the Black Creek experienced rapid growth. The "Covered Bridge" spanning the Black Creek was built in 1835 some 45 years after the founding of the town and 22 years before this map was drawn. Sheldon had already grown and become a vibrant community with residences,businesses and industry on both Main Street and Bridge Street.


The homes on the west side of Main Street (left) are:

JW Sheldon
The Congregational Church
A Cabinet Shop
G H Atherton
A Wires
H Carlisle
A Burr

The homes on the east side of Main Street (right) are:

H Carlisle
N Hoyt
R A Shattuck
Harnes Shop
Dr S W Langdon
D Wright Hotel


The Beers map of 1871
By 1871, when the official Sheldon map by Beers was published, Main Street added population. Changes and additions are noted below

On the west side the Congregational Church parsonage was built. What would become known as the Draper Homestead and the Hawley House were carved out of the Carlisle Estate. The Portland House had been built. D Wright shows as owner here but the D Wright Hotel on the east side is now the Central Hotel


On the east side much remains the same with some ownership changes and the addition of homes by WC Potter and H Hawley. The Wright Hotel is now the Central Hotel.

Note the letters "DDW" on the corner of Main Street and Prospect within the area known as the Sheldon Estate. This turns out to be a small corner store on a lot purchased by Wead from Sheldon and recorded in the town records.

Also note that on west west side is one Hapgood and on the east side is one Wead. This 1871 map shows a location on Bridge Steet at Depot Street as DD Wead and Hapgood which was a large and famous sundries and hardware store at that time.

Another deed mentions the "Little Red Store" which was actually in the home of Jacob Wead the father of D D Wead. Jacob owned the Langdon property next to the school in 1836 and passed it on to DD who owned it until at least 1853. When it became the Langdon property in 1853. No mention is made of the store after that date..

We will be employing the information in a 1982 study and map to report out our current information to to track history of the homes. In 1982 the Vermont Division For Historic Preservation reported out it findings on Sheldon in a state published booklet.

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