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Sheldon Springs Historic District - Main Street

The Sheldon Springs Main Street Historic District consists primarily of early 20th century houses, many of which were built and leased by the Missisquoi Pulp and Paper Company for employees.  Interspersed are several privately-built houses, some predating the Mill’s presence.  These represent the small village of Sheldon Springs prior to the Mill’s complete 20th century domination and planning of the town.  The houses are a mixture of Vernacular, Queen Anne and Bungalow styles set a fairly uniform setback from Main Street, once the main thorough fare, but now bypassed by the new Route 105.
The houses were built in numerous styles, most duplicated several times.  They were sold to individuals in the 1970’s.  Although the uniformity of styles and forms is not as great as in other complexes in town, the district nonetheless is a visual reminder of Sheldon Spring’s planned company-built origins.*(VDHP)
*Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, Historic Sites and Structures Survey Franklin County Sheldon (1982)

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