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Mailing Address: PO Box 65, Sheldon Springs, VT 05485
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Grant Announcements
The Sheldon Historical Society relies upon the generosity of our citizens, businesses and friends for financial support but also depends upon grant funding to complete our work. Since 2016 the following organizations have contributed to our society through grant fuunding
Dates Source Description
2015-2016 Vermont Community Foundation Funding to support the expansion of Sheldon Old Home Days 2016 and to expand our membership and impact in the community.
2017-2018 Ben & Jerry Foundaton Funding to support our building project
2018-2019 Vermont Council of the Arts Funding to complete our first floor renovations through the Cultural Facilities Grant funding channel.
2019-2020 Champlain Valley National Historic Partnership Funding for the Main Street student project
2021-2022 Vermont Council of the Arts Funding for additional building renovation through the Cultural Facilites Grant funding channel