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A Visit with Clarence Bocash Jr. and Dorothy Vance Bocash November 26, 2018
Dorothy and Clarence Bocash

We recently had the pleasure of a conversation with this significant Sheldon family in their home at Sheldon Creek. A transcript of the conversation can be found here.

Clarence Bocash Sr arrived in Sheldon around 1923 and settled in the Sheldon Springs area where he worked at the Mill and then in car repair until he moved to the Creek and opened his own shop there.

Clarence Bocash Jr and his twin brother Harry came into this world in 1934. Interestingly Dorothy's father came into thire house one day and said to his wife, "The Bocash's had twins this morning". Some years later she said " I had no idea that one of them would be my son-in-law." Harry only lived for about 3 years.

Dorothy Vance Bocash was born in Fairfield but in the current Callan home which is the first on the west side of the road from Sheldon to Fairfield. She grew up in Fairfield.

There were 8 living children in the family when Clarence's family lived at the house that Paulette Bocash now occupies. After a time they moved to Church Hill Road. Clarence relates to us his recollections of growing up in Sheldon.

The couple danced for fun swinging to tunes in all kinds of places in Franklin County as well as a few out of the county. Dorothy and Clarence met in 1950 and were dance partners when they married on Decemeber 24, 1955. When I asked Clarence why the 24th of December he said, "That's her birthday"

Dorothy continued to work at her job at H P Hood in St. Albans as a lab technician while Clarence served out his term of service duty. The couple bought the home they currently live in 196.0 Ttheir only child Kevin has provided them with grand children to be proud of. While Clarence was away Dorothy saved money to buy a truck so that when he mustered out he could start a hauling business. He did that as well as haul logs but reponded to an advertisement from the Town of Georgia for a road supervisory. He says "I never expected to be there for 33 years".

We covered a variety of interesting topics you can read about in the text of their visit here.